Leadership for a New World

Featuring Andre Mamprin.

Andre Mamprin is a bold architect of leadership learning, and he loves to distill big ideas. Former Director of Leadership Development at The Banff Centre, cofounder and Director of The Next Institute, Andre has thousands of flight hours interviewing and coaching leaders all over the world. Join us as he shares invaluable insights on the elements of leadership and how leaders can adopt to an ever-changing world.

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Episode notes:

  • Many leaders that I work with were not positive role models so I learned how to be a good leader from learning what I shouldn´t be doing.
  • I was able to surround myself with people were smarter than me as a way to build my success.
  • For every plus that you put in you there is a higher order of risk, so if you have creativity plus an idea plus people you are increasing substantially the level of risk involved.
  • Leadership is a big driver for success.

Ego is a big factor with humans and with leaders, the leaders that I have been around and that have been most successful are those who can check their ego at the door and were more in service.

  • Combination of detail and management with vision, see what other people cannot see.
  • Some people are natural born leaders and leadership is both nature and nurture, but if he had to give a percentage he would say it is 20% nature and 80% nurture.
  • Strength and charisma have always been attractors, they can go a long way in leadership.
  • The thoughtful, pensive, reflective leader is underrated.

Failure is your best teacher.

  • Networked leadership requires a very different skill as a leader.
  • I always looked at the longevity of leadership.
  • There is a high price to pay for being a leader. Serious leaders take that work with them 24/7 often at the cost of your own health.

There has never been such a need for great leaders as now, with all the challenges in the world.

  • Leadership has become more complex, capacity for storytelling, adaptive learning. Leaders can never stop learning. Capacity to influence thinking.
  • Stewardship and creativity as essential traits of leadership.
  • Creating a product that adds value and is sustainable is not afraid of hearth, it is difficult but definitely not the norm.
  • All leaders have to deal with burnout because they give more to the world than they take in.
  • It´s hard for leaders to delegate, especially for entrepreneurial leaders.
  • Being very clear on what you want early in your life.
  • Leadership can be learned.

I wish everybody to be well, loved, to do the right thing and to contribute.

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