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The Freedom Writers and how to write your own ending

Featuring Erin Gruwell Modern day teacher hero, Erin Gruwell is the legendary Room 203 teacher and bestselling author on whom the 2007 blockbuster movie “The Freedom Writers” was inspired. Join us as Erin shares with us, in a deeply personal conversation, this second and even more inspirational part of the Freedom Writers story, the magic … Read more

The Great Imbalance

Featuring Ben Walden Former lead actor at The Globe Theatre, international speaker, leadership coach, from the stage to the corporate boardroom to the classroom, Ben Walden shares with us his unique perspective on how the current education system is educating the head but not the heart. (Music by lesfm from Pixabay) Episode notes: My work … Read more

No more Classrooms

Featuring Rosan Bosch Architect, artist, innovator, Rosan has become a global icon for how learning spaces can impact the way we learn. Join us as she shares why we should not only think beyond classrooms, but also understand urgently that our current learning environments prevent us from reimagining change in education. (Music by lesfm from … Read more

At what Cost?

Featuring David Gleason Dr. David Gleason is a child psychologist who has worked with high performing international schools for many years, and uncovered an inconvenient truth: many children and adolescents are suffering the effects of overscheduling and unreasonable demands on the part of teachers and parents, resulting in unprecedented rates of depression, anxiety and even … Read more

How to Raise Successful People

Featuring Esther Wojcicki. Classroom teacher, bestselling author, teacher, entrepreneur in the EdTech industry. Esther Wojcicki is one of the most influential educators of our time, having been called “the Godmother of Silicon Valley”. Join us as she shares her unique take on how to raise successful people, and how there is a simple recipe for … Read more

Real Schools for the Real World

Featuring Doug Reeves. Award winning author, researcher, international speaker and Mathematics teacher, Doug Reeves has always been one of the most lucid voices in education, and his insights are today more relevant than ever. Join us as Doug shares with us his no-nonsense vision about what works, and, most importantly, what does not work in … Read more

The Truth is the Stories you Consume

Featuring Don Hill. A psychoacoustics researcher, trailblazer and pushing the boundary of new media and technology, Don Hill is a both a visionary and a living legend in broadcasting. Join us as he explores the future of media, AI and neuroscience developments, and whether we are, indeed, just living in a simulated scenario. (Music by … Read more

A new Brain each day

Featuring Judy Willis. Neurologist and classroom teacher, Dr. Judy Willis is a true legend, a bestselling author, international speaker and researcher; she is widely recognized as a pioneer in the application of neuroscience to learning. Join us as Judy shares with us the latest findings on neuroscience, their impact on education and how, in this … Read more

Educational Change as a Grassroots Movement

Featuring Pasi Sahlberg. Pasi Sahlberg is a Finnish educator and bestselling author. He has worked as a schoolteacher, teacher-educator, researcher, and policymaker in Finland and advised schools and education system leaders around the world. In 2013 his book “Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland” won the Grawemeyer Award (USA) … Read more

The Shock of the Future

Featuring Pavel Luksha. Dr. Pavel Luksha is a founder and a director of Global Education Futures initiative, and a Professor of Practice at Moscow School of Management, where he works primarily on the transformation of the higher & professional education sector. Join us as Pavel explores his views on how we are facing a very … Read more