The Truth is the Stories you Consume

Featuring Don Hill.

A psychoacoustics researcher, trailblazer and pushing the boundary of new media and technology, Don Hill is a both a visionary and a living legend in broadcasting. Join us as he explores the future of media, AI and neuroscience developments, and whether we are, indeed, just living in a simulated scenario.

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Episode notes:

  • 150 years ago, the means of transmission was to turn serialized paper columns into cheap forms, the novel.
  • Technology was an aesthetic called the novel.

Where the shadows are, that´s where we are going to be living.

  • The story is at the distortion.
  • Adding contrast to stochastic resonance, other information pops up.
  • Working with neuroscientists and analyzing brain scans they are delving into psycho acoustics – what effect sounds have on people´s reactions.
  • Sense of place can be derived from visual acuity.
  • Teacher that made an impression on him was the one who opened up a whole new world and said here are the tools go an explore the world.
  • Depending on who you are talking to, you need to discriminate the medium, and it is not enough to be conversant in those mediums, they need to be aware of the new tools.

The limitations of the medium are not a problem but an aesthetic.

  • What made his teacher special was that she was hip, came from an alternative aesthetic and taught unconventionally. She understood who they were.
  • We got caught up in some ideas about classroom decorum.
  • This is a great time for inculcation.
  • AI interacting with large datasets is part of the future.
  • Assumption is that AI must emulate human sentience.
  • Machines do not have to be aware of humans but they are aware of themselves and of each other, they may converse with other machines.
  • Being aware of other modalities of perception and not focused exclusively on the intellect.

Prosthetic devices may amplify our intelligence.

  • Machines are a different type of sentience.
  • This is an exciting time, but we need to consider what we are taking forward with us, and what we are leaving behind, that is the big question.
  • Media right now is about the economy of attention.
  • Be aware of what you are consuming in terms of stories.
  • The truths for you are the stories that you consume.

Wish: We are living the wish. We don´t know what the answer is, but we are living it now.


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